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I had my accounts. I had 2FA's (like in multiple 2FA for my email account and my RS accounts ) on. I have different passwords for your own accounts and multiple emails OSRS gold . Took a 3 month break and all my gold was gone and my account was utilized for bot mining. 2FA was turned off to some accounts without access. A while later this story broke. Folks assume I was doing something sketch or I somehow leaked my password.

However, I use passwords for all and that I know better than to get suckered into a phishing scheme. I stop playing for now as it just kinda left me with a bad taste. I didn't do anything wrong and somebody. It's like if your house was broken into (clearly an extreme example but it leaves me with this rather feeling). Gotta say thank you for submitting this. Whenever I mentioned this in the OSRS sub reddit (most) people would not believe me.

Old school Runescape is actually intriguing, in plenty of ways the runescape playerbase has pushed the limits of runescape and redefined what's possible. Rendi (the uploader of this video) includes a great series,'Reduced the Better', in which he can material that's seemingly extremely difficult or even impossible to get an unleveled/underlevelled account via a range of obscure broadcasts and profound game understanding. I recommend checking it out in case you are interested, his 18 fight Fire Cape is his most well known video.

RuneScape is there with Ultima Online, and EVE Online for only being another monster of MMOs.I'm not a fan of PvP in EVE or UO or even RuneScape. However, the way you progress your character. Effort is put in by you and basically specialize through grinding abilities. So many skills in all 3. It enables you to feel in control and allows you to cater runescape to your play style.RuneScape is much more casual than UO or EVE but that feeling is still there. If you want to spend 100 percent of your time fishing or cooking or mining or blacksmithing you can do this and dismiss all things like combat.

It is my type cheap OSRS gold  MMO. A lot of big MMOs these days follow the Everquest/WoW model. Which, whilst fun, pales in comparison to all those other MMOs when it comes to things to do out of raiding and such. Perhaps I don't wish to be a hero that saves the world, which WoW or even FFXIV force you down for story.


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